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Thanks for your very good information, grateful. I have another question and I want to please help me. My German boyfriend is worried if there is a bank to collect my work payment from Germany to Havana, Cuba? WHAT DOCUMENTS SHOULD I BRING? Do these procedures have delays?

On matters of this type, you should contact your bank and ask about the details or possibilities of this type of transaction.

It is that the Cuban authorities do not pronounce on the cases of foreigners, the MINJUS has approved several decrees in this situation but I have asked and it only applies to documentation issued in Cuba, nowhere do they refer to documents issued abroad to be Used in Cuba, the legal consultancies have called and do not give an answer, so I don’t know what else to do. I know of several people who are in the same situation and there is no clear answer about our cases.

We do not have an exact answer on that matter either. We suggest that you request the response to your comment through the opportunity provided by free access to the official website of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE –

My boyfriend is Spanish and I am a Cuban stranded in Chile (due to COVID-19) without any immigration status. For reasons of the same matter, he cannot travel either. My question is, can we get married?

We do not know the place where they could marry, if they travel to Cuba and have all the necessary documentation they could do so, but we do not know in other places.

I am from Ecuador and I want to marry my Cuban boyfriend but I cannot attend they tell me that I have to make a power of attorney, the power that I do I want to do with a friend who lives there in Cuba. Can you do that and who can represent me?

If it can be done, contact the Cuban Consulate in Ecuador, there they will indicate the requirements and steps to follow.

My partner has lived in Canada since she was 8 years old, she was born in Moldova, so we believe it is impossible to find any birth record. What document can we present as a substitute for the birth certificate to get married here in Cuba?

We want to get married my girlfriend (Cuban and Spanish citizen, resident in Cuba) and I (non-Cuban citizen, resident in Cuba). Once the marriage is completed, can I go to reside in Spain, or do I obtain Spanish residency immediately? How would it be? We would both like to live in Spain, in her case she has no problem, she is a citizen.

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