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A former star of basketball, a resident of a lower-class neighborhood, a victim of abuse as a child and the mother of a one-year-old son who will have to take care of while looking to find a stable job or fulfill one of her dreams. A series of women and about women that will make us have a good time, with short and entertaining chapters and an excellent review.

Day by day it is one of the most applauded Netflix series by the public and the one that has been “mourned” the most for its cancellation. Three seasons tell us the story of the Álvarez family. Once day at a time, with a soundtrack by Gloria Estefan included, is one of the best comedies of recent times. A sitcom that takes place in the apartment of her main family, a matriarchy where grandmother, mother and children coexist living all kinds of funny situations and interesting and recommended dialogues. Penelope is the mother of two adolescent children and lives with her mother Lydia, the grandmother, an immigrant to the United States who misses her native Cuba. One of the best series of women that we can see if you are looking for a quality comedy on the streaming platform.

It is not an easy and simple comedy but an intelligent and current humor where we find all kinds of topics: migration, minority, racism, workplace harassment, toxic masculinity, homosexuality. Topics treated from the point of view of humor, dialogues loaded with messages … A series with a very comfortable format, barely half an hour per chapter. Totally entertaining and recommended to see with the family.

The four 13-year-old teenagers from The Kangaroo Club have earned a place among the best series of women of recent times, despite starring in a story designed for children and tweens. Based on the books by Ann S. Martin, the Kangaroo Club is one of the great surprises of 2020 on the N streaming platform. It tells us the story of thirteen-year-old girls who decide to form their own “company” to take care of the children of the neighbors of the neighborhood. Close, friendly and responsible the protagonists (Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey) will get to know each other more and more in the weekly meetings in which they will organize who stays with whom.

Without treating children as inferior and showing its protagonists as fully responsible adults capable of carrying out the task, the series is one of the best youth creations of recent years that has conquered critics not only for being entertaining and adorable but also for addressing all kinds of topics that interest an age audience.

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